The Encore 45, 4.5 Tonne Horsebox



A highly bespoke 2-stall horsebox built to your individual requirements

THE EQUIHUNTER ENCORE 45 can be made as a value model livestock carrier with a payload averaging above 1.9 metric tonnes, or with extended living, it can offer luxurious overnight stays. Our longest build, at 2.3 metres in living area length can offer fabulous lavish week-away trips in comfort and safety. 

Encore 45 prices start from around £31,500 including VAT and a chassis for a basic build on a 2013 registered chassis. Brand new chassis vehicles or newer models with less mileage are also available 
Please contact us for more information about the Equihunter Encore 45, all our contact details are below. Why not ask us to send you our Information Pack email for our Encore 45 model …

Encore 45 Information Pack Request


t: 01342 545030
m: 07904 818389


The gallery below shows some recent projects…

The Equihunter Encore 45 offers a heavier payload plus the opportunity to create an extended living area or horse area and also carry more.

Payloads achieved recently have been between 1,500kgs and a massive 1,970kgs, depending on the level of options fitted plus the vehicle’s finished length. The payloads offered are naturally higher for a simple Encore 45 built for day use. The lower level of payload was recorded on a very big build project with sleeping for 4, a toilet/wet room and 2.3-metre of luxury living featuring air and water heating, cooking, fridge and microwave etc.

We plan each build individually to suit every customer’s requirements

Please contact us for more information about the Equihunter Encore, our details are below. 

t: 01342 545030
m: 07904 818389

Luxury British Built Equine Transport Vehicles

This gallery shows what is on offer in the living area

Please contact us for more information about the Equihunter Encore, our details are below. Ask us to send you our Information Pack email for our Encore 45 models (4.5t) …

t: 01342 545030
m: 07904 818389

Luxury British Built Equine Transport Vehicles

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